15 June 2017


 Finally I have made a Swoon block. Have had a lot of trouble trying to get a good photo showing the colours.
Now I need to decide to make a quilt for our bed using Swoon blocks or Sawtooth stars.

05 June 2017

June OMG

Hopefully will get more sewing time this month. I want to quilt this Austin Modern Quilt from May last year. I have bought the backing fabric last year in anticipation of quilting it a lot sooner.
I love this quilt. I picked the colours based on Eden by Tula Pink.
Linking to OMG at Elm Street Quilts.

04 June 2017


OMG for One Monthly Goal or Oh My God how much can it rain in one weekend! The photos are not the best and the colours look a lot darker than they are. The orange looks very red but everyone knows what  Carolyn Friedlander fabric looks like so probably doesn't matter. I will take more photos on a sunny day.

I took a photo outside to see if it was better and it wasn't which is not surprising as the reason we bought this house was how open and light it is. We moved here in September last year so have enjoyed spring, summer and autumn and are looking forward to winter (as much as you can look forward to winter).