15 September 2009

Among the Gum Trees

There is a great new combined blog from 9 Aussie designers. http://gumtreedesigners.blogspot.com/ I always enjoy the designers individual blogs. It looks like it will be a great blog with a great name but there is one problem. I have been singing "Give me a Home Among the Gum Trees" all morning. My singing is bad enough but add to that the fact that I only know the chorus it is not good. We have been living in the US for 3 years and are moving back to Australia in December. I have many questions about what will have changed and what will be the same when we move back. Now I have 1 more question. Will Burke's Backyard still be on TV on Friday nights?

This is the second quilt I finished. When we first moved here I thought I should make an Australian quilt. The piecing is not very good and the quilting is really bad. Once it is on the wall though you don't notice all the imperfections.

The good new is today I finally got my schnibbles. One of my LQS had to order it for me. It seemed to take a while to get here. Maybe there is a high demand for this pattern for some reason!!! The only problem I have now is that I do not like any of my charm packs for it. OH NO I Will have to go shopping lol.


  1. I love the colors of your quilt! It looks beautiful! Glad you got your Schnibbles pattern. It will be like instant gratification once you find the fabrics you want for it!

  2. Have fun shopping for your fabrics! I'm still waiting patiently (well, trying to) for my Schnibbles pattern. I want to start it now, LOL