11 December 2009

1st installment

Yesterday I got together with the Nancy(s) for one last shopping trip. The morning started with Miss Nancy giving Nancy and I a Christmas gift. We got the same thing with different fabrics to suit our different tastes.

As you can see we got some gorgeous coasters, a Christmas tree pot holder and a notebook cover. Mine is covered with coffee travel fabric- perfect for me. Miss Nancy sews beautifully. She is the Monk of our group!
Stay tuned for a very special gift!
Edit: When I say the Monk of our group I mean the Mr Monk as in she is a little obsessive about things being just right. I would like to be more like her but my skills do not match my expectations lol.

1 comment:

  1. I come by these Mr. Monk tendencies by being around too many engineers and men of science. It all rubs off. So glad that you like everything. Have a great day.