29 January 2010


We have been home for almost a month. It has taken a long time to get our Internet service. You do not want to hear the whole sorry saga.
It is great to be back. It is the first time we have returned to the same place and it makes the move very easy. This is the beach we call the boat beach. It is the closest to our house and takes less then 5 minutes to walk too. I love this beach.
It is lucky everything is close as I still do not have a car. At first I said I can do without a car as everything is so close but I was forgetting how hot it can be and how much it rains at times. A car would be a good thing!


  1. Oh Anne, we miss you still. Do you still get the Redwork Club notices?LOL I guess you can at least know what we are doing, even if you can't attend...
    Lyna at Raspberry Patch said to say "HI" to our Aussie friend....

  2. Welcome home (back?)!

    I hope you get a car soon. In the meantime, enjoy the beach!

  3. Glad you made it home ok and that you are all hooked up with the world again.

  4. I love that beach too. It looks so beautiful, warm and sunny. Glad to have you on your blog again. And, as Nancy said, we do miss your happy smiling face.

    Have a super great day.

  5. Hey Hey check you out! The beach still looks great. Can't wait to catch up.
    Sad your US friends miss you, still stiff....:) it is our turn again.
    How are the kids?