15 June 2010

Block 8 and Scattered Dots

Here is block 8. I am actually up to date now as the next block comes out next Monday-well actually it is Tuesday here.

I decided to try raw edge applique and stippling. I must confess I am suprised at just how bad my stippling was. I cant even show it on the blog. I think a big part of the problemis the randomness. I am going to search Leahs great blog 365 days of free motion quilting for a design I can use all over that has a pattern to follow. Wish me luck!

So instead I made this little quilt from Amys blog During quiet time. She has a tutorial for this design called scattered dots. My husband loves it and wants it as a placemat. The quilting is far from perfect but I am happy with it. I did use the walking foot for the straight lines though.


  1. Thanks for letting me know that you tried out my tutorial! I love seeing other people's versions of it. Your husband has a great placemat there!

  2. Don't give up on stippling! Try drawing it - just doodle it as you're sitting and watching TV or something. As you're sewing, be sure you're looking ahead and try to picture it as you sew. You'll get better with practice. Remember how poor a child's printing looks when they first learn to write. But they keep practicing. I know you can do it!

  3. Your block 8 looks really good. I like the way you placed the squares in the middle. Good work. Love the Scattered dots. Looks very modern. Amy has a wonderful blog and tutorial.

    Have a super great day.