10 September 2010

What a Week

Before I tell you more you should know there is a happy ending.

Lucky for her she is so gorgeous as she has been a little trouble this week. When I got home from work on Tuesday she was inside the house! This is not where she should be. A door was left open and she had a wonderful time inside all day.
It would have been very funny except there was a pin cushion, stuffing and pins scattered over two rooms. OH NO. So of course we called the vet and took her in for a xray. Who knows maybe she didn't swallow one. We wait in the waiting room.Yeh she did.

You couldn't tell from the xray exactly where it was. The best option seemed to be to make her vomit and hope it was still in the stomach. We wait. NO it is in the small intestine. What should we do. Do we say operate or do we wait and see. I decided I did not want to operate unless absolutely necessary. So we left her at the vet so they could monitor her and operate if needed. 24 hours later-GREAT NEWS- it had gone through her digestive system without damaging anything. She did not experience any pain and thinks she had a sleepover.

Not a lot of sewing done! These are some blocks for my table runner from the make scattered prayers by Cara at CaraQuilts.
I have made all the blocks for this quilt. I just have to put them together.


  1. That's one lucky pup! Love that fabric in the last picture!

  2. How scary! And messy! Glad it all worked out! Very fortunate for all. Love your blocks.

    Have a super great day.