21 October 2010

L and I loved this show when we lived in the US. It has not been on TV here so I was amazed when it was for sale in a shop here. We had to buy and we had a Psych weekend last weekend and will be continuing tonight!!! I am not sure why it has an M rating as it is a great show for 10+.
While watching Psych I sewed the binding on this quilt. I love how it worked out.
Here is the back.


  1. Never heard of your show there, but I don't watch much tv and don't have any cable either.
    I love your quilt did you have a pattern or just plan it yourself. I like the back too. I see more and more people are making backs that way. It is nice to do sort of like 2 quilts in one.

  2. Psych is such a fun TV show, love it. We will stop everything to watch. In the U.S. will be on for 6 or 8 or 10 weeks and then it will return after another 8 or 10 weeks have passed. Great show.
    Love the quilt. Nice work. Well done.

    Have a super great day.