26 March 2011

quilted and the binding on

You better sit down! Yes it is amazing, I actually quilted something within a week. I kept it simple (and Probably boring) and quilted in the ditch. Not exciting but I can do it and it looks good. I just used a light grey Kona on the back as it is a wall hanging and no one should see the back.
Rhani is still very naughty-lucky she is gorgeous. She is allowed on the old chairs and loves them.


  1. Love your wall hanging. Animals on furniture. My mom bought a 3 dollar love seat for her dog.

  2. Rhani looks like she is most comfortable in the chair. She is a gorgeous dog. Love the quilt! I came out looking good in any light I think. It is 'very, very modern'. Well done, great work.

    Have a super great sewing day.