02 April 2011

Little things and close encounters

Deb and I have not been able to get together so the quilt along and jelly roll race are on hold for a couple of weeks. I decided to make a mug rug using paper pieced flying geese from piece by number. I have seen a similar mug rug on Flickr by liz h2.
I used some Australian fabrics to match this mug rug. I want to make some cushions to go in the lounge room with the Australian Fabrics.
Yes I started another one. This is A Ritzy Cracker from Moda Bakeshop using fandango and medium grey.

I have had some close encounters with wild life lately. My daughter does swimming training at a pool in a golf course complex. Driving there far too early one morning I had to stop the car so four or five kangaroos could cross the road!!!! Then when I was out in the outrigger canoe on Sunday morning, three dolphins came right up to the canoe. We actually had to stop paddling because we were afraid we might hit them. It was great to see them so close!!!!!


  1. Your mug rugs are awesome! That Ritzy Cracker quilt is on my list too. I love it with the charcoal background. Oh, I'd so love to see a kangaroo!!

  2. How exciting, how thrilling to see the dolphins so close to the outrigger and to wait for the kangaroos crossing the road. What an opportunity! Love the rug mugs! And love the links. I am getting way too many ideas of things to do. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and wildlife day.