23 August 2011

A Cushion and Sashiko

I made this cute little cushion last week. I used the wonky star tutorial by the Silly BooDilly.

I used an idea I saw on Quilt Dad for the back. The binding finished off the back nicely.

My main purchase at the craft fair on the weekend was some fabric to make a sashiko table runner. I love how it looks and it is very easy. Unfortunately it is very expensive. The fabric cost more than the usual quilting fabric! I got the sashiko fabric, sashiko thread, sashiko needle and some fabric for the borders at a great little stand called BeBe Bold. The lady who runs the store was lovely and gave a little tutorial to help us get started. I can see me getting addicted to this.


  1. OH that looks very interesting...are there certain colors that you use? I have only seen light thread on dark fabric....

  2. Love your Wonky Star Pillow! Great way to finish the back. Looks like one could easily get addicted to the Sashiko. Looks like great fun seeing the design develop as you stitch. I have some somewhere here, I need to find it. Have fun with it, can't wait to see it when it is done. Love your links as well.

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and sashiko day.