04 December 2011

An early Christmas present and a summer quilt

 I decided to give Dave a canvas of a photo he took of the Golden Gate Bridge when we were in San Francisco for Christmas. I was so excited at how it turned out that I had to give it to him early. I came up with many excuses to justify it but really I just could not wait! It is not often that I think of something he will love. I had the photo put on a canvas in black and white. The only problem is that I think it would look better on a  different colour wall.
 I decided to try something different with my jelly roll race quilt and make it a summer quilt. I did not use batting and put a green flannel on the back ( it does not show up in the photo). I love how it feels. I t is so light and drapes beautifully. I now want to try using flannel instead of batting. I quilted it with straight lines along the seams.         


I could not resist taking a photo with Brittanys new dog. It is solar powered and wags it tail in the sun.


  1. I also made a summer quilt with flannel and voile. I love it so much - it's so cozy to sleep under even now that it's winter!

  2. Love Dave's picture! even on that wall. Looks good. Love your summer quilt! With the flannel it can be used any time of year and would feel warm and soft. Great work! Well done.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.