13 June 2013

Miss Nancy visits

I made a very good friend while living in the states. Actually a made a few but 2 were called Nancy so we usually referred to one of them as Miss Nancy. Lucky for me, Miss Nancy has a son who lives in Australia so she comes down occasionally and I get to see her. On her last visit she came up here to see me. We had a lovely day checking out some gift shops and enjoying the beaches (although we didn't brave the water). Miss Nancy bought some quilt books for me, a pin cushion, some gorgeous thread and batiks. I just realised I havent taken a photo so I will blog about them next time. I made a couple of gifts for her.
This is the drawstring bag found at in color order. It is a great easy pattern. The needle case is another free tutorial. This time at Sew She Sews. The last is a pin cushion with a pocket. The fabric I used is of Australian flowers which a friend gave me from many years ago. I lined the bag with some fabric Miss Nancy gave me which I had left over. It matched and I couldnt resist using it..
I also made her a mini runner. I got the idea from one of the many blogs I read but I cant remember which one. It is a charmed whirigig with the solid as the centre. Nancy loves new ideas so I thought she would like this. It is so much fun to make things for quilters. I had such a nice day with Nancy and it really felt like we met together all the time. What amazed me is that she hasn't changed at all. I honestly think that quilting and her passion for learning new techniques has kept her young.

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  1. You are so kind!!! I loved visiting you and we had a super great day! We walked along a beach and found some shells. We took another hike up a trail for some gorgeous scenery. I loved the day and I loved my trip to Australia! I love the bag with the needle book and pin cushion. I will use it for embroidery projects. I have the mini runner up on the bar area of my kitchen and it looks great! What a great friend you are! Thank you ever so much!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!