18 May 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival

It is time for the Bloggers Quilt festival at Amys Creative Side. I always enjoy looking at all the quilts.I haven't entered a quilt in this for ages and decided to enter my umbrella quilts mini this time. I made this mini for me and love it. I think the matchstick quilting is what makes it. The fabrics are gorgeous and are a combination of canvas and cotton. As it is a wall hanging the different fabrics don't matter but the quilting has so much texture you don't notice the different weight of the fabrics. Here is the link to the minis I thought I should edit this to add that the fabric is all from a trimmings pack from Umbrella Fabrics. They have some really gorgeous fabrics. This is the blue pack.


  1. I love improv and matchstick - absolutely love this!

  2. A wonderful combination of fabrics! Did you "qayg"? All the quilting is in all different directions! Fantastic!!!

    1. Thanks. I did not qayg. I quilted in the ditch to move to next rectangle or started and stopped in each rectangle.

  3. The matchstick quilting is very pretty!

  4. A lovely combination of colour and fabric.

  5. Well, I love your mini for all the same reasons you do. Especially the match-stitch quilting!!!