28 December 2017

2018 Planning Party

Quilting Jet Girl is hosting a planning party so I thought I would join. 

The main things I want to do next year is get more organised. I love starting projects and don't like to work on one thing at a time so I have bought drawers to store WIPs. I can just grab a draw and sew whatever I feel like at the time. Hopefully I will get some old projects finished by organising them into drawers too. I still need to do some serious sorting in my sewing room.

 I would love to make one quilt from each of my quilt books and from my love patchwork and quilting magazines (these are the only magazines I still buy the hard copy).

I want to join a few sew alongs. Two are with Angie at GnomeAngel. She is doing an Elizabeth Hartman All the animals sew along and another 100m days 100 blocks with the Tula Pink book which I missed last time. I am sure there will be more!

One thing I don't want to do again is try and finish four quilts at once to take to Perth with me! Although I do want to try and make quilts for all my family and friends.

So my plan is to keep making things I enjoy, continue to start way too many projects but try and be a little more organised about it!


  1. Ooh, might hop in with the Tula one as I stalled out on block 15 or so (times 2 - plans to make two quilts!) Making quilts out of a magazine is a great idea; I've got one almost at the flimsy stage and another in the cut stage.

  2. Making things you enjoy; I really love that goal and hope that it helps you decide what you want to work on easily in 2018. Thank you so much for linking up!

  3. I've started the Tula myself...not sure if I could force myself to finish it in 100 days though. Making things you enjoy is a great goal.

  4. Good luck with your plans. You have thought things through carefully, now you just have to stick to it. All the best with the sorting and organising. Think of all the fun you will have going back through the magazines.