23 November 2009

A Party

My daughter wanted to have her 10th Birthday party at home this year. What should I do to keep 10 year old girls busy. Why make jewellery of course.
This was a very easy party to organise. I cut the memory wire long enough for 3 loops around the wrist. I made small loop on one end of the wire, put the beads in the middle of the table and let them loose. I gave them each a paper plate to collect their beads on. When they had finished I looped the other end. If they wanted a bead to dangle at each end I added that for them. The girls really enjoyed it. Some made 2, others got sick of it before 3 loops so I cut them off where they were. I think they were all happy to take something they made themselves home.
I have my good friend Julie to thank for me even thinking of doing this. She made the most beautiful jewellery and taught me the basics. Now she is too busy running the amazing "Handmade Canberra's Upmarket". I cant wait to go to these markets when I return. We wont be living close to Canberra but I think it will be worth the effort to visit!


  1. Oh My God, that is me... wow that seems like forever ago.
    Now what do you mean 10th birthday, she is just a baby, how long have you been gone, surely not that long.I cannot believe you let them get so old while you were gone!
    Can't wait to see you all again

  2. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to dear daughter.