11 November 2009

Sewing with Nancy(s)

I had my sewing day with Nancy and Miss Nancy yesterday. They surprised me with a birthday present. This must be the longest birthday ever. Not that I am complaining. Although I did not mention my birthday until the day before so they would not have time to get a gift as they just got me going away presents and made me a signature quilt with our redwork group. So this is the card which looks like it is stitched. It isn't stitched ( I checked the back and it is a Hallmark LOL).Here is my present.Some great batik fat quarters!!!

These are my favourites and I want to find a little project to do with them and make a kit to send in our air freight in case I have any spare time when we first move into our house.
I wanted to make a gift for the Nancy(s) as I have enjoyed sewing with them so much over the last 3 years.

I made this for Nancy. I got the idea for the pattern from a quilt she pointed out in a magazine and chose some fabrics I thought she would like.( I just realised I cut off the binding-it is black)

The back.
For Miss Nancy I used some Australian fabrics I thought she would like. Her son is living in Australia at the moment. I made a simple coin quilt.
The back.
I did wavy line quilting as my free motion is not good enough for so much solid colour. When they arrived I told them I was doing some hand sewing for the day. After I gave them their presents I showed them the labels I had written ready to sew on. I ran out of time! Lucky they saw the funny side. Especially since they had to tell me how to make the labels!!!!!


  1. How very nice. I like the Australian fabrics. It is nice that you have such good friends, I bet you 3 will miss each other.

  2. Love the table runners you made for us. We will treasure them forever. Thank you ever so much and we will miss you. Have a great day.