30 May 2010

Think Spring

I have finally finished a quilt. It seems to have been a long time between finishes. This is Welcome Spring by Cherri House over at Moda Bakeshop. It went together very quickly. I don't know what I am going to do with it. I love the pattern and the fabric but it is not my usual style and I did not have anyone in mind when I made it. I have decided sometimes to make things just because I want to.

The photo of the back didn't work very well. I used a floral with a strip of snow to match the front.

This will be for you Gran. My mum asked me to make a Small quilt for her newly renovated kitchen. I have not seen it so I have no idea if this will look good but I love making small quilt so I will keep making them until I get it right. I wanted to quilt this today but I cant as the globe in my machine has blown. I have been using a floor light or desk light to see when I am sewing and that works well except when I want to quilt in the ditch which is how I want to quilt this. It is an hours drive to the shop that sells machine globes so I am not sure when I will get there. Maybe I should try to free motion quilt it instead!


  1. I love the quilt you don't like....send it here!! It will make a great baby quilt for someone, someday...

  2. Making things because you want to is a-okay! It gives you practice and broadens you quilting perspective. In the future it will be a great learning experience that will come in handy.
    Love the butterfly block, it looks great. Hope you can get the globe for your machine soon.
    Have a great day.

  3. Love your Moda Bake Shop quilt. I have got to try one of those!