11 August 2010

A new rug

Even though the winters here are very mild, our house with all the tiles was a little chilly. I decided we needed a new rug in family room. I love this rug and can think of a million quilts to make with the colours. I think one of the City Quilts from Cherri at Cherry house quilts is calling my name!I started playing with a log cabin quilt a while ago and decided it was the perfect choice for a cushion in the family room. However now we have Rhani and she is allowed in all the areas of the house with tiles I am having second thoughts about where to put it.
I forgot to post a photo of the pyjamas I made B. They are very cute with dog fabric-perfect.


  1. Love the rug! It is very modern and your colors. Great choice! The cushion to go with it is perfect. The shorts are perfect for B. Great work, Well done!

    Have a super great day.

  2. It would be a shame if the dog ate the pillow...it's really cute..love the blue/black combo..