04 August 2010


Life just got more complicated. We picked up this gorgeous girl on Monday night from Dog Rescue Newcastle. She is 4-5 months old and we are not quite sure what breeds. The kids love her and she has settled in very quickly. She is snoring on her bed as I write this.


  1. I wouldn't dare say what sort of dog she is but she will be a big one by the looks of her. She is a pretty color.

  2. She is adorable. She looks so bright and attentive. I think she will be a great pet for the whole family. She is a beautiful color. Love the ears! She might have a bit of greyhound in her. No matter, she is wonderful. Good on you for getting her from a shelter. Those dogs need homes too.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  3. Rhani looks like she is already settled into the comforts of her new home. I think she has the cutest ears and sweetest facial expression. I notice she already has a doggy blanket. Keep us posted on her antics.