16 January 2011

City Quilts

When I went to Sydney to see Miss Nancy I went to a book shop recommended to me by a Friend here. This book shop had the best range of quilting books I have seen since we moved back to Australia. It had all the quilt books I have seen on blogs that are hard to find here. I have wanted the book City Quilts forever. I was so excited to find it. I could not decide which quilt to make so I made a cushion from City Green. I love it! We had a great weekend. The waves were very big and we headed to One Mile Beach, our favourite surf beach.

The waves were big on the surf side but the water was flat and beautiful on the Bay side. I had a great paddle in the outrigger to Little Beach , where we stopped for a rest before heading back. While we were standing in the water, two dolphins came in very close to the beach. It is great to see them so close.

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