20 January 2011


I made these blocks years ago and finally put them together. The quilt is finished according to the pattern but as my friend Deb pointed out if I add a border it will be a better size for a single bed.
I just happened to buy some fabric on sale at Hancocks of Paducah which will make a good border. What do you think?

I cant help but remember what 2 borders Pat always says- yeh funnily enough you should have 2 borders. So do I put a narrow border of the pale background on first?
I bought myself some Australia thongs for Australia Day.

These are what we call thongs. What did you think I meant?


  1. 2 border Pat would be very pleased with your choices... That blue is perfect..

    Love the thongs...oh flip flops...lol

  2. The quilt is gorgeous love the border...and how good are those thongs...

  3. I like the 2 borders. And the blue is perfect! I grew up in NY and we always called them thongs. Yours are cute!

  4. Love this quilt! The colors are perfect. Love the borders, it really should have the two borders. Makes it all pop. And I can remember when flip flops were called thongs in the U.S. That was a long time ago. Love the Australia Day thongs/flip flops. Good choice.

    Have a super great day. And Happy Australia Day even if I am a bit late with it.