18 January 2012

I Love this Book

I bought this book online from fishpond without ever actually seeing it and I love love it. I want to make the cover quilt and my daughter loves it so hopefully I will make it for her.
I also love this one. Deb and I decided that we should start with a small project first so we will be making this cushion below.
However I could not wait so I made this cushion from a bag pattern. I really like how it turned out. I used some dark Kona charms with Kona Natural and Black.

I only wanted to use scraps as I am saving my black for 2 city quilts I plan/hope to make so I pieced the back with leftovers from the charms. My husband prefers the back!


  1. MEN!!! lol Love the pillow.. I checked the book out from the library...without realizing that all the quilt patterns where photos! lol Today I checked out "Little Birds" and "Simple Stitches Sewing"... I sure am loving my library...

  2. Love all the clean lines in the projects in this book. I will have to look for it. Haven't been to the library for a while -- must go!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.