23 February 2012

Quilting, training and other things

 I have been busy with various things lately. One is training for outrigger canoeing. I have gone from a social paddler to part of a racing team so I have had to up the training.
 Rhani broke her tail. No idea how! She is a very clumsy dog.
 We went to Sydney and saw the Harry Potter exhibition. It was very good although they let too many people in at a time so it was very crowded.

 Quilted a top that I finished a while ago. I did some straight line quilting.I decided to do something different on the back which I like as much as the front. I have no idea what I am going to do with this quilt.

I started a moda bakeshop quilt called love beads with Kate Spains Good Fortune. I teamed it with Kona Ash which is perfect with it. I am doing the table runner version


  1. Good luck with your training...love your quilt...

  2. you are so the athlete!! have fun...

    Poor Rhani...

  3. I will root for your team, have fun with it! Love the quilt, very fun and colorful and a bit whimsical! Well done, Good work! Hope Rhani's tail is better soon.

    Have a super great sewing, stitching and training day.