15 June 2012

I have managed to get a little sewing time.I made three granny square blocks. I am not trimming them yet because who knows when I will finish enough and be ready to put them in a quilt.I am not good at scrappy so when I saw what Sewfantastic did with hers I had a brainwave. I would use black and white for the inside squares and a different colour for each block. I could not get a colour exactly like Kona Ash but I found a nice grey at lincraft. It is one of their quilters homespun and is really nice.

  I bought Rhani a new bed. A bean bag from the op shop. She loves it. Isn't she cute.

  I made something for gran. I can't show it as she reads my blog. Here is the back.


  1. Love the Granny Squares!! They will be fantastic in a quilt! Thank you for the link, it looks like a great blog. Love Rhani in her new bed, she is so sweet! How do they sleep half on and half off the bed like that???

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  2. Wonder what you made for Gran??? Can't wait to see it!