05 June 2012

Progress Report

I have been working on my City Harbor Quilt from the City Quilts. I love the quilt in the book and decided to make it exactly as Cherri made it. I have made the first set of rows and love how it looks. I am not sure about the teal blue colour in the next set of rows. It looks great in the book but it looks a lot greener to me in real life. I am going to make the whole row except that teal and then decide.

I have also got on the granny square band wagon. I am using some charm squares I have had for a while but want to use kona ash for the background and I do not have enough. I don't want to order anything online for a while as I need to reduce my stash so I might see if I can find something similar locally.I know I should have ironed the fabric but who knows how long it would take me to post this if I did that.

1 comment:

  1. I like it! It works well together! Glad to see you sewing.

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and family day.