20 March 2013

A New Machine

I had planned to practice quilting and finish some things but I decided I needed to celebrate by starting a new project. I am making a old quiltalong from Christa Quilts. This is a great shop with a really good blog with quiltalongs ane lots of other things. I am making her Sea of squares quilt. I really wanted to make the charming chevrons quilt but did not have any suitable charm packs. This is still on my wish list. For some reason the blog post is missing text and the pictures are in different places to where they show on the post before I publish and when I go into edit it shows what I want not what is there. No idea how to fix it so I will just leave it. I started the post with look at my beautiful new machine and I can still see it now but when I publish it will have disappeared.


  1. Love the machine! It looks great and very useful! Good shopping!! Love the pattern you have chosen to make and your colors are going to be perfect for it.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  2. Your lovely machine is still there , have fun with it :-)