26 February 2010


I love Pinwheels and although I am not the most accurate sewer I like to occasionally make something with triangles. I decided to make a pinwheel table runner based on this one from Jodi at Pleasant Home. Well, when I put the first border on I was very unhappy with my points or lack of and am now rethinking the whole pinwheel thing. This is a shame because I also wanted to do Rachael's pinwheel sampler quilt along and the pinwheel party at Twiddletails. I am not sure what I will do.

Anyway while I decide what to do about the whole pinwheel thing I am going to do a schnibble. There is not a quilt shop near here and I am not organised enough to be doing the February schnibble from the Year of Schnibbles. Here is a link to the January Parade at Pink Pincushion and A quilting Life.

So I am doing the next best thing. My own schnibble and charm packs from my stash. I think Eva and Xrated will work well.

Debbie came over on Tuesday afternoon and worked on a kit she bought at a Sydney show before I left for the US. It is going to be gorgeous.


  1. Are you having trouble with the centers matching? There was an article in the newest AQS magazine about pressing seams for blocks where 8 points have to match. The conclusion was - to press all seams open. I tried it on a few pinwheels and it made a huge difference! They came out with perfect centers! I'm thinking about doing a post on it - it made me so happy :)

  2. How nice that Debbie waited for you to get home before she started on that kit... LOL

    I bet Miss Nancy has some pinning tips for you on those pinwheels...

  3. I like to makr my square bigger than it is supposed to be and then trim it up, I have had good luck with that, also press the seams open to reduce the bluk. I did a dutchmans puzzle block and it was a lot easier to get points to match with the seams pressed open.

  4. Debbie's little quilt is so fun and cheery. It makes me smile. I am glad that you can get together to sew.
    Pinwheels, pinning tips, I would have to be there to show you how but, alas that is not to be. I say press the seams open and pin together on the seam line. Hope that is of some help.
    Have a great day.