19 February 2010

Tuesdays with Debbie

Tuesday was the first afternoon I met with Debbie to do some sewing. Debbie is the person responsible for introducing me to quilting. I had to ditch Nancy and Miss Nancy as it is too far to travel to their houses. They have moved on without me anyway. Check out their blogs to see the civil war blocks they are working on.

I forgot to take my camera so I cant show you what Debbie did but I worked on my second and sadly last kit from Fern Hill.

I love love love this fabric.


  1. And we miss our Tuesdays.... Miss Nancy and I need to get a DAY SCHEDULED!!
    Glad you have Debbie....now get that camera cord so we can see some photos....

  2. Tuesdays just aren't the same. And, yes, Nancy and I need to get a DAY SCHEDULED!!!! Love the table topper from Fern Hill. It turned out really good. A WELL DONE is in order. Keep the camera with your sewing stuff so you can take pictures and we can see what Debbie is sewing. We would love to meet her. Nancy and I will do the same.