28 October 2009


Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I had a very nice 2 days! Yes we started last night as it was my birthday in Australia and continued all day today. And yes I got my camera!! It is perfect for me. Nice and small so I can carry it easily in my bag.


  1. Hey Anne, Happy Birthday lovey!
    I am glad you had a lovely day and celebrated for the extended time. Good idea getting used to the time zone change early, smart woman.....
    it can't be long now, I am just waiting for you to come back. it has been forever but also feels like just the other day we met for a dutch coffee. Ohhhh I have not had one since, never even heard of them again actually, I wonder if they still do them? Where was that?
    Anyway, must keep working
    Jules x

  2. Well Happy Birthday, glad you had such a good day. Nice camera, I guess lots of photos for the blog are in order. LOL

  3. OMG! YOU did get a camera! Hooray! Happy Belated Birthday. Nancy told me and I rushed right over...but as usu, I'm late, LOL! Hope it was wonderful and by the looks of that spiffy new addition it was none too shabby....enjoy! B=)

  4. Happy Birthday! I think you'll love your new camera. Have fun with it!

  5. I know I am late but wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    glad you got the camera! that's great!