29 October 2009

A Day with the Nancys

Miss Nancy, Nancy and I try to meet on the second Tuesday of each month for a sewing day. We usually meet on a different day and do more talking than sewing. We met last Tuesday (it wasn't the second Tuesday but it was actually a Tuesday) and decided to do this tutorial by Oh, Fransson for scraps at Sew, Mama, Sew!.

We actually managed to get a small quilt top done.

As you can see we have very different tastes in fabrics.
This is Nancys'. This will actually be made into something for her grand kids. She will reveal it on her blog when finished

Miss Nancy used some gorgeous Japanese fabric for hers

And I of course used batiks. Most of these were scraps from this quilt. We have made the same pattern several times and it always looks very different. That is one of the things I like about the Year of Schnibbles- seeing the same quilt look totally different.

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  1. These really did come out looking good. Even if I do day so myself. Have a great day. Mine will be a small wall quilt.