22 October 2009

Testing Testing

I went to Paducah with Miss Nancy and we found the best booth. It was full of the most beautiful fabric. I could have bought every kit they had but unfortunately I couldn't really so we went back 4 times before we decided on what to buy. I ended up with 2 kits. This is the fabric from one.
Isn't it gorgeous. It is from Fern Hill Fabrics . Now I love pretty things that other people do but I don't usually do pretty. I couldn't resist this. I loved it and wanted it for me. But I was too scared to cut the fabric so I did the pattern in something else first. Of course my obvious choice was dogs.
Another cushion for Brittany. She loves it and I like the pattern. It will be a Table Topper with the gorgeous fabric.


  1. very pretty... see ya Tuesday..

  2. Very, Very nice. Love the dogs. Sewing on Tuesday. Have a great day.