30 September 2009

Figgy Christmas Schnibbles

I did it with hours to spare!!!
The last few quilts I have made I have sent to a quilter so I was not sure about quilting it myself. I actually tried free motion quilting thanks to this blog http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/ but did not feel ready to try it on a quilt. I ended up doing wavy line quilting like Linda at http://all-stitched-up.blogspot.com/. This is a quick way to quilt and looks good. I even used the extra charm squares to piece the back.

29 September 2009

Great giveaway


Head over for a giveaway of Lila Tueller's gorgeous new Eden fabric.

Schnibbles Top finished

I used figgy pudding for my schnibbles. I love this fabric. It was a little to busy for me when I put all the blocks together so I added an extra sashing between the blocks. I am going to quilt it today and then I will post another photo.

26 September 2009

Wall Quilt finished

I love this quilt. It is a Terry Atkinson Design so it was quick and easy but looks great!!! It is from her book "Time Out Quilts".I have made quite a few of her quilt and table runners.
I had it quilted by a local quilter and she used an allover star design which looks great. The back looks amazing but I did not think to take a photo of that.

I have nearly finished my schnibbles. I am putting on the last border now (well not now because I am on the computer). I actually made one little change because of the fabric I used. I will try and upload a photo real soon.

18 September 2009


I need to learn how to quilt. I can quilt in the ditch and a basic line design but that is it. I am reading a great blog at the moment and I am nearly ready to try something new.

This has lots of good ideas on quilting for all levels.

This is why I want to quilt. I just made this and it needs more than in the ditch quilting. It is by a local designer (if you live in Missouri). Here is the website.
It was very quick and easy even after making it with white sashing and then unpicking it and changing it to cream.

This is a table runner I did finish because I could just quilt in the ditch. It is very basic but I loved the fabric.

17 September 2009

Jelly roll ideas.


This is so cool!!!! The Cutting Table Quilt Blog are having a jelly roll week with some great ideas. I really like this hourglass block. Make sure you watch the tutorials.

16 September 2009

I was wrong

Yes I was wrong. This does not happen very often lol. I was saving some charm squares for another project. When I got them out and looked at them they are perfect. I am so excited I am going upstairs to start working on them as soon as I finish this post. It is not a good idea for me to save them for something else because I probably wont get around to it or if I do I wont be able to remember what I had planned.

15 September 2009

Among the Gum Trees

There is a great new combined blog from 9 Aussie designers. http://gumtreedesigners.blogspot.com/ I always enjoy the designers individual blogs. It looks like it will be a great blog with a great name but there is one problem. I have been singing "Give me a Home Among the Gum Trees" all morning. My singing is bad enough but add to that the fact that I only know the chorus it is not good. We have been living in the US for 3 years and are moving back to Australia in December. I have many questions about what will have changed and what will be the same when we move back. Now I have 1 more question. Will Burke's Backyard still be on TV on Friday nights?

This is the second quilt I finished. When we first moved here I thought I should make an Australian quilt. The piecing is not very good and the quilting is really bad. Once it is on the wall though you don't notice all the imperfections.

The good new is today I finally got my schnibbles. One of my LQS had to order it for me. It seemed to take a while to get here. Maybe there is a high demand for this pattern for some reason!!! The only problem I have now is that I do not like any of my charm packs for it. OH NO I Will have to go shopping lol.

06 September 2009

Adding a photo

I thought I would try putting a photo on a post. This is a charm square pattern from Moda Bakeshop using Fig and Plum by Fig Tree Quilts. I made it for my mum and she loved it.

05 September 2009

04 September 2009


Jodi has a great giveaway on her new blog Needle Little Inspriration with Candice from Daffodillhill too.


It is a great prize. Six half yards of Michael Miller's Funky Christmas. I love that fabric!!!

01 September 2009

A Year of Schnibbles

I love charm packs so how could I resist joining the blog club " A Year of Schnibbles". I haven't made a schnibbles pattern yet so I am looking forward to starting. The club was started by Sinta and Sherri . Today they revealed the first pattern. It is Winter White. Once I buy the pattern I will decide which charm packs to use. However I do have 2 charm packs of winter by Minick and Simpson which would be appropriate. This is my first ever post and I do not know how to add links, photos etc. As I work these things out I am sure my posts will improve. Well we can only hope!!!