22 December 2009

San Francisco

San Francisco is


13 December 2009

My Last Post.... from St Charles

It cant be my last post ever because the reason I started this blog was to keep in touch with friends from the US.

Last week before I gave my machine away I started a new project. I decided to do a small log cabin quilt.

Yes Nancy I can see you look in horror. I am paper piecing. I started with 1 inch strips and I am not the most accurate 1/4 inch sewer so I decided to go the paper piecing way. This project has been put away in the shipping boxes never to be seen again. Seriously I hope to see it again but who knows when the boxes will arrive and how long it will take to unpack my sewing stuff.

The movers arrive tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the next few days. I hope to post occasionally on our travels.

11 December 2009

2nd installment

So Nancy and Miss Nancy had a surprise planned for me. First though the wrapping paper. It was wrapped in some fabric that I love. What a great idea.

A long time ago Nancy gave Miss Nancy and I a block to stitch each. We did it and gave it to her. I then forgot all about it. Well my surprise was a wall hanging made with all 3 blocks- one stitched by each of us.

Isn't it great and the perfect present as it has something from each of us. Although I had to point out to them that this means that they made me work on my own present lol. I have had such a great time getting together with these 2 over the last 3 years.I will miss them although of course the Internet makes it a very small world.
Here is a close up of the 3 blocks.

1st installment

Yesterday I got together with the Nancy(s) for one last shopping trip. The morning started with Miss Nancy giving Nancy and I a Christmas gift. We got the same thing with different fabrics to suit our different tastes.

As you can see we got some gorgeous coasters, a Christmas tree pot holder and a notebook cover. Mine is covered with coffee travel fabric- perfect for me. Miss Nancy sews beautifully. She is the Monk of our group!
Stay tuned for a very special gift!
Edit: When I say the Monk of our group I mean the Mr Monk as in she is a little obsessive about things being just right. I would like to be more like her but my skills do not match my expectations lol.

03 December 2009


This is my favourite quilt!
It is for me!
Why did it take me months to sew on the binding?

02 December 2009

No Sew

My DD Brittany loves wolves. There are a lot of great kits around for wolf quilts but who knows when I would actually finish it. By the time I make the quilt she may have grown out of this phase. The solution is a fleece panel.

I cut a piece of fleece the same size for the back, cut a 3 inch fringe on both pieces and tied them together. It looks great and she loves it.

01 December 2009

Schnibbles Parade

Don't forget to go and check out the schnibbles parade at Sinta's and Sherri's blogs. There are some great quilts to see. Unfortunately I did not do a schnibbles this month. I could not get the pattern locally and decided that I would find it hard to finish it. I will not be able to do the next 2 months as we will be travelling and moving.

But I did do something today. I made a travel pillow. We have shorter flights this time. Only 10 hours from Hawaii to Sydney instead of nearly 14 hours from LA to Sydney but I think they will come in handy. I bought this gorgeous fleece which is super soft. I love it and have enough to make one more. I was very good and only bought as much as I need. Now I wish I got more.