18 July 2012


Yes I couldn't resist. I decided I needed to knit a scarf. I got some knitting magazines out of the library and found a nice lacy pattern that was easy. The only problem was the only local shop that sells wool is kmart so the choices were limited. I ended up with baby wool as I wanted a finer ply. I think it looks good. I am sure I have a container of wool and needles somewhere but I cannot find them. How do you lose wool and needles?

  I forgot to post pictures of the back of my latest runner. I just used scraps pieced randomly.

06 July 2012

Dave went to a Quilt Shop!

 Dave was in Alaska for 1 month and actually went to a quilt shop and bought a quilt kit for me. It is gorgeous and will look great when made. I want to practice some techniques before I start this one though.

I finished my mini City Harbour and still love it. The colours are great and do not show in the photo as it is cloudy and raining for a change. If I wait I may never get a photo of it. I am working on the lap size version now.