27 January 2016

Love it

I finished sewing on the binding of my Modern Flowers quilt (I just named it then and I need to come up with a better name). I love how this quilt turned out.

EDITED to add. I think abstract flowers is a better name!

The back looks amazing. I had a lot of trouble picking the thread colour for the back. I went with a variegated red/orange and it looks great. 

 Here is a close up which doesn't show how great it looks. I might try for a better shot.

26 January 2016

Valentines Day

I don't do Valentines day and I am not big on hearts so I am not sure why I had to make this mini but I did!

It is a tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew. I used some of my Australian fabrics for a different look to your traditional valentines.  

I have decided to use fabrics I don't really like (not sure why I have them) for the backs of wall hangings. Here is the back of my heart mini.
And here is the back of my Zombie mini.
I use the little triangles for hanging minis. Very quick and easy.

21 January 2016

Started Stacks

I have been looking for a pattern to use with a jelly roll I bought at a quilt show. The fabric needed to be cut in large enough pieces to show the design. I found the perfect pattern in the latest tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. It is the Stacks Quilt. It is a great design and very easy although mine is taking some time because I am planning each row to distribute the designs.

The second photo shows my cow I bought in Brisbane at the South bank Markets.

Here is a close up os some of the fabric

17 January 2016

Zombie Love

I love Zombies. The walking dead is one of my favourite shows and during my 9 hours of flying to and from Perth I discovered izombie is also a really good show. Warm Bodies which is zombie Romeo and Juliette is a good move too. SO how could I resist the Zombie Love fabric. Well I did and I regretted not buying it at the Brisbane show so I bought it online and gave it to my husband to give to me for Christmas.

This is my first project.The mini measures about 16 inches. I think I will make Pat Sloans vacation time BOM from last year with the fabric.

What do you think Gran? This is what I picked to make you a quilt!!

14 January 2016

I'm back

I had a wonderful week in Perth catching up with family and friends. A lot of shopping done but only 2 fabric purchases.

I had an empty suitcase after I took out the pillows and quilts and I actually managed to fill it up again. Here are a few more photos of the things I made to take with me.

A horrible rainy day here today so I think I will do some more sewing!!! I was very lucky as I missed 2 days of torrential rain while I was in Perth!

01 January 2016

For gran

Now I am in Perth and I have given this to my parents I can show it on my blog. The last tea cosy was too small so I made another one. It fits. Just. I also gave them some Perth Breakfast tea from T2. I couldn't resist it. We tried it this morning and it was nice.