18 January 2012

I Love this Book

I bought this book online from fishpond without ever actually seeing it and I love love it. I want to make the cover quilt and my daughter loves it so hopefully I will make it for her.
I also love this one. Deb and I decided that we should start with a small project first so we will be making this cushion below.
However I could not wait so I made this cushion from a bag pattern. I really like how it turned out. I used some dark Kona charms with Kona Natural and Black.

I only wanted to use scraps as I am saving my black for 2 city quilts I plan/hope to make so I pieced the back with leftovers from the charms. My husband prefers the back!

11 January 2012

When skill does not meet expectation

So what do you do when your skill does not meet your expectations. I usually try to change the pattern slightly. I decided to make the stacked coin quilt by crazy mom quilts from moda bakeshop. Once I had the coins assembled in rows I realised that my rows were different lengths. My cutting and sewing were not entirely accurate. If I had have thought of it before I started I would have used different widths of coins but it was too late for that. I knew it would drive me nuts when I sewed the columns because I would see that the coins did not line up. Sooo I cut 1 inch from the top of row 1,3 and 5 and cut 1 inch from the bottom of row 2 and 4. This is a bit weird as all the other coins are the same size but it works for me because it takes the pressure of matching seams. I had planned to make two of these exactly the same for my 3 year old twin nieces but not sure now. I think I might find a new pattern to try.

It looks alright but I don't think I will make 2. I think I will use this one to practice quilting and give it to a charity.

I just found the perfect coin quilt for me. It is the sliced coin quilt at Don't Call Me Betsy.

08 January 2012

We are back in the Bay

 We have just got home from three great weeks in Perth. We caught up with family and friends and did some tourist things too. The only sewing thing I have to show is  the wall hanging I made mum. It is from a patchwork and stitching magazine. It is meant to be applique but I stitched it instead.

Here are a few photos of some of the things we did.