31 October 2010

Manly Table runner

I decided to make a table runner for one of my brothers. This will go well with his kitchen.He goes to Bali a lot so batiks were perfect. I used red, black,white and grey with no flowers on the hope it would turn out Manly.
The pattern is in this book which I love. Like all Atkinson designs the projects are quick and easy to follow with great results.

I also finished this one from the book last year.

And here is another waiting to be quilted. How unusual for me!!!

21 October 2010

L and I loved this show when we lived in the US. It has not been on TV here so I was amazed when it was for sale in a shop here. We had to buy and we had a Psych weekend last weekend and will be continuing tonight!!! I am not sure why it has an M rating as it is a great show for 10+.
While watching Psych I sewed the binding on this quilt. I love how it worked out.
Here is the back.

08 October 2010

Love it

I love this pattern. I would love to make the quilt but I know I do not have the patience. The pattern is by Cara from CaraQuilts and can be found here at Burgundy buttons. I made a table runner and I love it.

The black sashing is a half inch finished so I might quilt up the middle of each sash or should I try to quilt close to the edge on each side of the sashing like stained glass quilts?

03 October 2010

Just Lucky

I must be very lucky because I have managed to get chicken pox for a second time. This doesn't happen to just anyone. I got chicken pox 13 years ago and thought I was so lucky to only get a mild dose. Turns out this is not such a good thing as you don't build a good immunity and get it again! Once again it is a mild dose. I hope this doesn't mean I can get it again!!!!! I don't feel too bad. Mainly tired and grumpy and I am taking it easy.

I have been trying to free motion quilting with limited success. I find it easier to follow shapes so have been doing applique to practice my free motion skills. I quite like this little Frangipani.
I have way too many quilts waiting to be quilted so decided to try something different with this one. My friend is doing a mini version with Amy Butler fabrics and hand quilting squares so I thought I will do squares with a walking foot because I can do that. My husband suggested putting the squares on a 45 degree angle which I think looks good.
The back shows the quilting better. I am showing it now as I have to order fabric for the binding. I thought I would use black but it is too stark. The pattern is Charm Squares Baby Quilt from Oh Fransson.