30 December 2017

December OMG

I decided to finish the baby quilt first as I really want to take that to Perth with me to give my niece so I didn't finish the Hawthorne quilt. I am up to hand sewing the binding down so it is very close to done.

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28 December 2017

2018 Planning Party

Quilting Jet Girl is hosting a planning party so I thought I would join. 

The main things I want to do next year is get more organised. I love starting projects and don't like to work on one thing at a time so I have bought drawers to store WIPs. I can just grab a draw and sew whatever I feel like at the time. Hopefully I will get some old projects finished by organising them into drawers too. I still need to do some serious sorting in my sewing room.

 I would love to make one quilt from each of my quilt books and from my love patchwork and quilting magazines (these are the only magazines I still buy the hard copy).

I want to join a few sew alongs. Two are with Angie at GnomeAngel. She is doing an Elizabeth Hartman All the animals sew along and another 100m days 100 blocks with the Tula Pink book which I missed last time. I am sure there will be more!

One thing I don't want to do again is try and finish four quilts at once to take to Perth with me! Although I do want to try and make quilts for all my family and friends.

So my plan is to keep making things I enjoy, continue to start way too many projects but try and be a little more organised about it!

18 December 2017

baby quilt done

So I finished quilting the baby quilt. I used a free tutorial called jungle lattice by Craft buds. The tutorial says it finishes at 40 by 48 and mine is 45 inches square so not sure how that happened. I didn't follow it closely, mainly used the pictures. I love how it turned out. I just bought some pink fabric for binding as we now have a quilt shop!!!

I quilted in the sashing. Quick, easy and the quilt should be nice and soft.
I saw some succulents in a pot at the markets which were really nice but expensive so a friend and I made our own version.

13 December 2017

A distraction

I finished this mini for a friend and now I really need to get back to those quilts. I really feel like making some Christmas things for the house but I cant. I might have to do some in January when I get back from Perth.

The backing for two quilts arrived from the Fat Quarter Shop so now I have no excuses! I had to order more  to take the order to the maximum for same shipping cost of course.

03 December 2017

December OMG

My OMG for December is to finish the Hawthorne quilt. I have ordered the backing from the Fat Quarter Shop during their Black Friday sale so hopefully it will arrive soon.

I need to finish four quilts before January 7th when I fly to Perth and I have only completely finished one so I need to get a move on. I have been sidetracked making a Christmas present the last few days.
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29 November 2017

Quick post

I bought the spelling bee book by Lori Holt. I have wanted this for a while but was too expensive to order from the U.S and then Australian shops had Black Friday sales. I ordered it for 40% off from Cotton Factory in Ballarat.

I am not happy with the house block at the moment so have started another mini for my friend. She loves trees!

15 November 2017

Another Skull

I finished another skull and again I love it!!!

I finished quilting the purple twin quilt so I decided to make another house for my mini and I don't like it. I thought the orange background might pop but I really don't like this block. I am having trouble finding combinations I like so I might make a mini with 6 houses.

11 November 2017

Leaders and enders

I have been sewing triangles cut off from quilts as my leaders and enders project but now I have a heap of them. So I am sewing some them into a Indian Summer quilt. My squares are 2.5 inches instead of 3.5 but I think it will be a good baby quilt. I am using the squares from my nieces quilts to make a quilt for another nieces baby due in January.
Here is the link to the free pattern.

07 November 2017

October OMG

Edit.  So I was so focused on finishing this that I linked it to the November goal not the October finishing post. I even forgot to make a November goal. Hope to be back on track for December but we will see how that goes!

Made my October goal with 6 hours to spare. I finished piecing the Hawthorne Quilt. It is meant to have another row but at 64 inches square I think it is big enough especially since I have to quilt it myself. I am very happy with it as I think brown and gold are not great colours but look good with the white. I don't think I will find a backing to match the top so I might order some newsprint backing fabric which will work with white thread for quilting.

Now I am going to reward myself with sewing a skull.

30 October 2017

Some fun sewing

I had a break from half square triangles and made some skulls from the Tula Pink pattern. My husband loved the test block so it is going to be quilt for our bed.

29 October 2017

Whales and fabric

I picked the fabric for my skulls. It is a bit scary that I have so much in my stash I didn't need to buy anything except the background fabric.

The whales are migrating south and we have been lucky enough to see them a few times. Yesterday one went under our canoe and surfaced next to us. It was amazing. The other canoe took a photo. It is hard to see it but that choppy water is a whale swimming away.

The whale swam past the other boat for a look too. You can see the white as she rolls over.
It was an amazing experience!

27 October 2017

Half way

I am getting pretty sick of half square triangles but I love how this looks. I am only going to do four rows and make a square quilt. I think it will be the biggest quilt I have quilted myself. Even though it is quicker to work in order I find I need to alternate between the cutting, making half square triangle, sewing blocks and sewing rows, and I still need to alternate between projects. Talk about a short attention span.

22 October 2017

One quilted and ready to bind

I had to show the back of this quilt as it is gorgeous. I am so happy with this fabric.

19 October 2017


I needed backing fabric for the twin quilts and had to buy Tula Pinks latest fabric. I decided to buy from Craftsy as it is one of the cheapest options in Australia and the butterfly fabric was perfect. This is the second time I have bought from Craftsy and I am very impressed. Shipping is reasonable for Australia and their range of fabric is gorgeous AND you get a free charm pack.

My first purchase was during a big sale and I haven't made anything with any of it it yet! The lily and loom range is gorgeous, my first Alison Glass and Ombre fabrics. I love Tula Pink and variegated thread so I couldn't resist that thread pack. I gave my free charm pack to a friend before I took the photo. We are hoping to make baby quilts together soon!

09 October 2017

Baby quilt

My niece is having a baby and likes colours I don't have a lot of so I ordered a scrap pack of pink and pastels from Cotton Factory. Most of the fabric is perfect for a baby quilt. Now I need to decide what to do with it. The fabric makes me think Red Pepper Quilts so I might try a small postage stamp quilt or something similar with the fabrics on the right and maybe some solids. I am pretty sick of brown and yellow so will be good to try and figure out something with this fabric.

07 October 2017

Q4 of the 2017 FAL

I have several projects I want to take to Perth next time I go. Hopefully this will be this year so I decided to join the last finish along for the year.

1. Twin quilts

2. Peters quilt

3.Quilt for my nieces baby
No photo as I am waiting for the fabric to arrive.

O.K that is enough but I am going to add
4. Skull quilt cos I love it and really want to finish it.

5. Mini house quilt for a friend who lives here for Christmas.

6. Emu cross stitch
I have taken this off the big frame as it was to hard to handle. I have been doing a little of this the last couple of nights although once I have binding to sew I will do that at night.

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03 October 2017

1st block done

I made my first skull block from the Quilt book by Tula and Angela.
Love it. Need to make a quilt with this block. I am thinking 4x4 blocks to go on our bed.

02 October 2017

October Goal

One of my brothers is a huge Hawthorne supporter so I decided to make him a quilt in their colours which unfortunately are brown and yellow.

I planned to make an Irish Chain quilt because I have been wanting to make one in two colours for a while. But there was a good chance it would be an ugly quilt with those two colours!!!

Then I saw his team playing an away game in white jerseys with a little brown and yellow and the jerseys looked nice. So I thought why not make a mainly white quilt. Then I remembered this pattern in Love Patchwork and Quilting. This is the only magazine I always buy. I love it and I think one day I should make one quilt from each issue.

Here is a test block and I think it will look great. I will need to take this quilt to Perth next time I go so I am going to make it my October Goal.
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28 September 2017

Tula Pink

 I love Tula Pink fabrics and really enjoy the midnight quilt show with Angela Walters so I decided to buy this book. To be honest I don't care about the quilting side of it, just the patterns.
This skull pattern is the main reason I bought the book. I love purple so I love the quilt in the book but I think I should use my favourite PJ shorts for colour inspiration. I cant make this quilt right now as too many other projects the go so I will make a mini!!!
These are my fabric choices.
It turns out this book is full of projects I want to make. I will add them to my ever increasing list.

September One Monthly Goal

I did it. I finished the second quilt top and have ordered purple butterfly fabric and pink butterfly fabric from craftsy for the backings.The pattern is a freebie at Me and My sister designs 
I am looking forward to finishing these.
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23 September 2017

I thought I was finished!

I thought I had finished the twin quilts as I decided not to add a border. When I lay them out, I think they need a border. The pattern is a freebie at Me and My sister designs and has a wider border cut at 3.5 inches. I think I will make it the same size as the sashing cutting it at 2 inches

22 September 2017

Bloggers Quilt Festival

It is time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side. My entry is a Carolyn Friedlander layer cake pop quilt. This quilt is a Fat Quarter Shop Shortcut Quilt Pattern. It is a very clever pattern. Easy to make and very effective.
I picked the fabrics that I thought my friend would like even though they didn't appeal to me at the time. I do love the finished product.

07 September 2017

Modern Maples Placemats

I love the modern maples pattern and have made a table runner and a placemat using the pattern. I made two more recently. I really need to make a quilt with it!

02 September 2017

September OMG

My goal this month is to finish the second flimsy. I have twin nieces and would like to give them both a quilt for Christmas this year.

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30 August 2017

Beachie Blocks

I have made the blocks for my Quilt using the Missouri Quilt Co Window pane 9 patch quilt. I am going to sash the blocks. I used green and blue Layer cake squares from Latitude by Kate Spain cut into charm squares.