29 September 2010

Exciting Stuff

YAY. I won this fabulous fat quarter from the giveaway at the Robert Kaufman blog, the Swatch and Stitch. I love it. If I was going to buy a fat quarter bundle it would be this one. Now I have to get a copy of city quilts because I know I want to make one of Cherri's quilts with this bundle of joy.
Another exciting development is that after unpicking two lots of quilting I have worked out a way I can quilt this. Hope to show it soon.

25 September 2010

What do you think?

I do not make anything bigger than a lap quilt. So I bought this quilt cover for our bed as I thought it would look good with the wall quilt. It is creased etc as I may have to repack it depending on what I decide. I found a nice quilt today that is just plain blue similar to the outer two strips which I like but is maybe a bit boring.
I think it looks good with the quilt above the bed.

However it looks awful with the cushions I made! My hubby tells me it doesn't matter cos I can make new ones. What do you think? Sounds like a good excuse to makes some more to me.

Who knows one day I may make a big quilt for the bed!
Not much sewing today as shopping instead.

I thought I was finished.

I thought I had finished. I was wrong.There is one block which needs to be changed. See it there in the third row. Lucky I have some extras so I can swap it.Once I change that block I can add it to the "to be quilted pile". I have been practicing my free motion quilting but I am still really bad. I better improve soon as this pile is already big enough.

12 September 2010

A Beautiful Day

Well Spring has sprung! We have had the most amazing weather. I am lucky enough to belong to an outrigger canoe club and managed to go out twice this week. It has been warm and the water flat and crystal clear. And to make it even better we saw dolphins both days. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me so no photos of the dolphins.This is the marina where we leave the canoes and paddle from.

This is where we paddle.

My machine is having a service so hand sewing for me. I have jumped on the hexie bandwagon. I used scraps from these quilts I made for my mum.
I really need to get a better photo of this one! I got the idea for the hexie layout from this blog called Sunshine Creations I discovered by searching hexie images in Flickr.

10 September 2010

What a Week

Before I tell you more you should know there is a happy ending.

Lucky for her she is so gorgeous as she has been a little trouble this week. When I got home from work on Tuesday she was inside the house! This is not where she should be. A door was left open and she had a wonderful time inside all day.
It would have been very funny except there was a pin cushion, stuffing and pins scattered over two rooms. OH NO. So of course we called the vet and took her in for a xray. Who knows maybe she didn't swallow one. We wait in the waiting room.Yeh she did.

You couldn't tell from the xray exactly where it was. The best option seemed to be to make her vomit and hope it was still in the stomach. We wait. NO it is in the small intestine. What should we do. Do we say operate or do we wait and see. I decided I did not want to operate unless absolutely necessary. So we left her at the vet so they could monitor her and operate if needed. 24 hours later-GREAT NEWS- it had gone through her digestive system without damaging anything. She did not experience any pain and thinks she had a sleepover.

Not a lot of sewing done! These are some blocks for my table runner from the make scattered prayers by Cara at CaraQuilts.
I have made all the blocks for this quilt. I just have to put them together.

04 September 2010

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. I got my order from the fat quarter shop. Some charm packs!
Some batiks to make scattered prayers by Cara at CaraQuilts. I am going to make a table runner.
Some of the latest by Deb Strain to see if I can find a border for this quilt. There are a few that will work- I just have to pick one!

Some Pure and Fandango- just because I want them.

I also got my prize from Jenny at Elefantz. How cool are these labels. I will have to think of something really good to make with these.