17 May 2011


We had our outrigger regatta a few weeks ago. It was a great weekend with a lot of canoes from all over NSW and one from Victoria.

I finally made my jelly roll race quilt although it took several weeks so hardly a race. I love how these quilts look and it was very quick except for the first seam which took forever. I did it again. Messed up with the background fabric. I decided to make a hugs and kisses from the park quilt by Melissa Corey at Moda Bakeshop. I used the pink lemonade fat quarters I had which my husband picked so I thought I would make it for him. As I had plenty of print fabric I made extra blocks for a bigger quilt and then realised I didn't have enough background. I used a black batik but it is different from every other black batik I have (of course). I think I will have enough to finish if I make all the strips 2inches instead of 2.5 or maybe all the sashing 2.5 and 2 inch borders. I will have to measure and work it out exactly before I cut it out so I am putting it off. I thought about using less blocks and adding a print border but Dave really likes it without borders.

I will not be sewing much over the next few weeks as I will be working a lot. Bummer. Last weekend we went to one of the surf beaches to check out the big surf that has been around lately and saw some dolphins surfing in the waves. It was amazing but we did not have a camera with us. From now on we will take the camera every time we go to the beach.

10 May 2011

An award and a runner

Erin of Whittle Stitches has kindly tagged me with the Stylish Blogger Award!!!!!!!Thanks Erin.

When you get this award you need to

1.Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2.Share 7 things about yourself.
3.Pass the award on to newly discovered bloggers.
4.Contact these bloggers and let them know they have won the award.

OK so 7 things about me ( I am not very exciting).

1. I was born in Perth, Western Australia and lived there until I was 21 when I left to backpack around Australia. I have not lived in Perth since but go back as much as possible to visit family.
2.I still love moving and recently lived in the US for 3 years.
3.I worked in hospitals for many years until I did a DipEd and I now work as a high school science teacher.
4.I believe you should exercise everyday although I am not as obsessive now and can handle missing a day. I vary what I do and my latest sport is paddling in the outrigger canoes which I have been doing for just over 1 year.
5.I also believe you should have coffee and chocolate everyday (one reason why I need to exercise everyday).
6.I met my husband at a P party. He was a priest and I was a party.
7. I am domestically challenged. I cant find the time to do housework everyday as I have to many other commitments.lol

I finally finished something. This is my runner made with the Disappearing 4 patch tutorial from love laugh quilt. I really like what Marlene did with her blocks too.

I am on the look out for new blogs to tag with the Stylish Blogger Award.