04 December 2013

Scrappy nine patch

Here is my finished table runner made using the scrappy nine patch tutorial from A Quilting Life. I love how it matches the mug I bought and I couldn't resist the old sewing pattern note book. Perfect for my friend!

28 November 2013

Christmas presents

I am making doll quilts for one of my brothers twin daughters. I used the tutorial at Fairy Face Designs. The tutorial is by Kirsten at Gemini Stitches

22 November 2013

What a match

I have been working on my simply small project by Sherri at A Quilting Life. It is a gift for a friend so when I saw a mug she would like the other day I had to buy it. When I got home I was surprised at how perfectly it matches the runner I am making.

16 November 2013

Great Book

I bought myself a new book and it is beautiful. It is by Cindy Lammon of Hyacinth quilts. I have already picked the project I want to make but will have to wait until after Christmas to start.
I made this little mug rug using a tutorial by Leigh at leedle deedle quilts. I love it and want to make a larger version using the Australian fabrics and batiks again. Maybe with bigger squares though!

14 November 2013

Couldnt Resist

I couldn't resist starting a new project. It is by Sherri at A Quilting Life. She is designing projects using 2 1/2 inch squares. I don't have any mini charm squares but have lots of charm packs and scraps to use. I started straight away with some Kaffe charm squares but need white for the background. I hope to get some on the weekends and finish it.

12 November 2013

A Runner

I have been wanting to make the charming chevrons quilts from Christa Quilts blog for ages but was not sure about getting all those half square triangles to line up enough that I would be happy with the result. I sometimes find my ability does not meet my expectations. Then I saw this runner on Saltwater Quilts and decided to try my chevrons in a runner first. I used charm squares which were bigger than the pattern by Candace and I love how it looks. Charming chevrons will have to wait till the new year but I already have my charm squares picked out

30 October 2013

A finish

I finally finished this quilt top. It is Hugs and Kisses from the park by Melissa Corry from Happy Quilting found at Moda Bakeshop. I would like to make it bigger but I did not have enough background and I used a black batik that I cannot get the exact colour again. It is 42 inches by 52 inches, not quite big enough for an adult. The batiks I used were called Pink Lemonade I think! A fat quarter bundle from the fat quarter shop purchased a while ago.

23 October 2013

For the sewing room

I made a little fabric basket for threads using the tutorial by Rachel at PS I Quilt.
I also made a sewing mat for under my machine using the wonky star block tutorial by Janice from Better off Thread at Sew Mama Sew

16 October 2013

Sometimes it is good to put things off

I finished this Kookaburra Stitchery by Saffron Craig ages ago but could not think a way to use it. I loved it and wanted it to be in something special. I chose the colours of the threads based on an aboriginal print I had so I knew I wanted to use that but not how to use it. Then I saw a tutorial on the birch fabrics blog for a cushion by Beth from Plum and June. It was for a cushion using a focus print but it was perfect for the stitchery. I love how it looks!

24 September 2013


I finally have something to show! I made my son a batman quilt for his birthday. His 18th birthday. I used the tutorial by Blue Bird Sews for the concrete cabin block. It is a great block and comes together very easily. I backed it in flannel with no batting for a light weight summer quilt. I love the feel of quilts made like this.

23 July 2013

lucky girl

I have been very lucky. Miss Nancy bought these goodies for me when she came to visit. She is a naughty girl and I love it all.

This is what I bought at the Sydney show. I have been working on a secret quilt which I will show soon.

And very exciting news. I won this book from Spotted Stones. Quilt books are my favourite things at the moment. There are so many great books out there. This is one I really really wanted

13 June 2013

Miss Nancy visits

I made a very good friend while living in the states. Actually a made a few but 2 were called Nancy so we usually referred to one of them as Miss Nancy. Lucky for me, Miss Nancy has a son who lives in Australia so she comes down occasionally and I get to see her. On her last visit she came up here to see me. We had a lovely day checking out some gift shops and enjoying the beaches (although we didn't brave the water). Miss Nancy bought some quilt books for me, a pin cushion, some gorgeous thread and batiks. I just realised I havent taken a photo so I will blog about them next time. I made a couple of gifts for her.
This is the drawstring bag found at in color order. It is a great easy pattern. The needle case is another free tutorial. This time at Sew She Sews. The last is a pin cushion with a pocket. The fabric I used is of Australian flowers which a friend gave me from many years ago. I lined the bag with some fabric Miss Nancy gave me which I had left over. It matched and I couldnt resist using it..
I also made her a mini runner. I got the idea from one of the many blogs I read but I cant remember which one. It is a charmed whirigig with the solid as the centre. Nancy loves new ideas so I thought she would like this. It is so much fun to make things for quilters. I had such a nice day with Nancy and it really felt like we met together all the time. What amazed me is that she hasn't changed at all. I honestly think that quilting and her passion for learning new techniques has kept her young.

29 April 2013

stitching finished

I finished this a while ago but have not had a chance to blog about it. It is the Saffron Craig stitchery I bought at the last show. I chose the colours using some Australian Fabrics I have. I love it but not sure how to finish it or it to make a mini or a cushion!

27 April 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have been using bloglovin to read blogs and it is great. I am changing my blog over to it now

31 March 2013

Another Flimsy

I have finished the top from an old quiltalong at Christa quilts. It ended up being 6 rows by 6 rows instead of 6 x 7 as I did not like some ot the blocks. I will probably use them in the back although if I can get the right colour solids I would like a stripped back. I used some old Pure charm packs by sweetwater. Today is my last day to get some sewing done as the next couple of weeks I am working full time ane we have a lot of sporting things on! My new machine is great although I have not had a lot of time to experiment.

24 March 2013

Stitch Me Up

When I signed up for this blog hop I got some gorgeous patterns emailed to me. There were several I wanted to make but as I was short on time I decided to make the quickest one. Good call as things have been a little busy. I love this design. I actually made a mistake when I was cutting out the stitchery and chopped one side off. After nearly having a heart attack I decided I could still use it and I really like how it turned out. I probably would not have gone the whole asymmetrical way without stuffing up. Goes to show how mistakes can definitely lead to improved designs! Here are the other participants for today. Keri@That Other Blog Heather@That Other Blog The Sewing Club ( no show) SewMuch 2 Luv Englating Kris Loves Fabric Crazy'boutquilts Quiltsmiles Ninis Patchwork Blog ArtFriendzy Batiks by the Bay Dancing Moon grymerspalet ( never showed up) Love it Sew it Pig Tales and Quilts Once again no matter how much I space them and how the post looks when in edit, all the words have run together.

20 March 2013

A New Machine

I had planned to practice quilting and finish some things but I decided I needed to celebrate by starting a new project. I am making a old quiltalong from Christa Quilts. This is a great shop with a really good blog with quiltalongs ane lots of other things. I am making her Sea of squares quilt. I really wanted to make the charming chevrons quilt but did not have any suitable charm packs. This is still on my wish list. For some reason the blog post is missing text and the pictures are in different places to where they show on the post before I publish and when I go into edit it shows what I want not what is there. No idea how to fix it so I will just leave it. I started the post with look at my beautiful new machine and I can still see it now but when I publish it will have disappeared.

Stitch Me Up Blog Hop

Not sure why but no matter how much I space this, it all runs together in the post. Sorry I joined the stitch me up blog hop over at Sew WE Quilt. I usually just lurk at these without participating so this time I thought I would acutally join in. Here is the schedule. My day is Friday. WEDNESDAY March 20th Karen@That Other Blog Susan @That Other Blog Sowing Stitches Life in the Scrapatch Pig Tales and Quilts Meadowbrook Marla's Crafts Gracie Oliver Arts Humble Quilter Cherry Blossom Quilting Studio New Girl News Sunshine Quilting Patchouli Moon Studio Lovin' Life at the End of the Dirt Road Selina Quilts THURSDAY March 21st Janice@ That Other Blog Angela@ That Other Blog piece peace Stitchin’ By The Lake Phoenix Heirlooms Sew Incredibly Crazy Mamaccessories Molly's Place Kath's Creations Get More Done Today Sew Many Yarns The Distracted Domestic Sheila's Quilt World UK City Crafter FRIDAY March 22nd Keri@That Other Blog Heather@That Other Blog The Sewing Club SewMuch 2 Luv Englating Kris Loves Fabric Crazy'boutquilts Quiltsmiles Ninis Patchwork Blog ArtFriendzy Batiks by the Bay Dancing Moon grymerspalet Love it Sew it MONDAY MARCH 25th Beverly @That Other Blog Betty@That Other Blog Stitches to Sprinkles Stitch Duchess' Crazy and Sane Quilting World Bejeweled Quilts by Barb Kathy's Quilts Mountain Delights Tea and Quilts Charlottes Creations Quilt Obsession The Slow Quilter Cali Quilter Little Pieces of My Life Creating My Comforts TUESDAY MARCH 26th Isabel @That Other Blog Jeanette @That Other Blog Just Let Me Quilt MacDonald’s Patch Pots Pans Pins and Prayers GrandMama's Stories Stitch, Stitch, Stitch Needled d Tomorrow's Treasures Today Lemur on a Stick Life In Every Breath Zellerwear Bumbleberry Stitches threads on my socks Hanging On By A Thread Fresh Cut Quilts WEDNESDAY MARCH 27TH Judy @That Other Blog lauraluvsloons and Quilting too Sew Sharyn Sewingly Along Anita's quilts en handwerken Quilt Doodle Doodles Val's Simple Passions Luv2Sew Busy As Can Be Paws for Stitching Quilting & Other Craft Therapy pieceful life Live Love Labs Felt pa Asly Scrapbook-ChickADoodle THURSDAY MARCH 28th Kristin @That Other Blog Robin @That Other Blog Jane's Fabric and Quilts Dexterdays The WorldThrough Our Window Sew Nicely thistle creek cottage My Art, My So Called Life Just Sew Sue Co mne bavi... life, quilts and a cat too TeaTimeCreations Read, quit, cook, pray Cate's Linens Shade Tree Quilting Ladybug Dreams FRIDAY MARCH 29th Sharon @That Other Blog Patricia @That Other Blog Blessings From Our Nest Liberty Threads Caribou Crossing Chronicles of Quilts, the Weather and other Fun Stuff Quilting, sewing Granny Creatin' in the Sticks Melinda Quilts Etc Ga's House Dachsies with Moxie Hill Valley Quilter Quilt n Queen Madame Samm

09 March 2013

Quilt Show

I finally got to go to Sydney for a quilt show on Friday. It only took 3 years. I had a nice day with some good purchases although I need use more stash so I did limit myself. It was a very small show which was disappointing but Saffron Craig had a stand and her fabric is amazing. I fell in love with her kookaburra quilt but could not justify buying a kit when I already have so many. I did buy this cute little kookaburra to stitch. I am going to do a heap of sewing before the next show so I can buy lots of fabric! Make sure you check out saffrons website. I did buy some fabric and some pinmoors to try.

17 February 2013

I finished this cushion before flying across the country. I am really liking tumblers at the moment. These ones are smaller and make a cute cushion. I flew to Perth for 5 days for a brothers wedding. At one stage before we left I thought it was all getting too hard but I am so glad I went. It was beautiful. My daughter and I went and left the boys at home.

28 January 2013

I finished my project quiltling challenge. Yay. I called the mini I made "A Little Blue.
I also finished a quilt top from way back called 9-patchtastic from Moda Bakeshop. I am hoping to buy a new machine in the next few weeks so I am going to put off any quilting until I have bought it.
It started raining heavily here in the early hours of Sunday morning and has not stopped since ( it is now Monday night). Luckily we are not in an area prone to flooding and just have to put up with very heavy rain for days and now strong winds. Last weekend I was in a regatta in Newcastle harbour and here is a photo of us during the race.

23 January 2013

Project Quilting

I have decided to join the project quilting challenge at Persimon Dreams. I was being good and working on UFOs but couldn't resist. The challenges are open enough that you can make whatever you want but some rules to make you think. I love blue and purple but decided to use blue for this. On a bit of a blue roll at the moment!I pulled out a few blues
I also finished a long table runner which will go on my new shelving unit in the sewing room. And yes it is blue

10 January 2013

A few Christmas Projects

I made this version of a modernised disappearing 9 patch with figgy pudding. I got the idea from St Louis Folk Victorian Blog
This is a christmas cushion I made using some more of my figgy pudding. I love this fabric and was saving it but I decided to just use it!
I made this mug rug for a friend who loves trees. I used the tree in a mug rug tutorial by the crafty quilter.
This table runner was made using the tumbler template from crazy mom quilts for her tumbler quilt at moda bakeshop.