30 April 2017

New Fabric

The backing fabric has arrived and it is great. Even though the background is cream, the colours are great and I love the design. If I am paying for shipping  I like to order more fabric. I don't have a lot of low volume so I ordered Blueberry Park low volume jelly roll, I bought 2 jolly bars of zen chic so I can make the pattern that comes with the jolly bar and a mini charm pack of modern lustre. I am very happy with my choices!  

23 April 2017

waiting for backing

All done and looks good. I have ordered a wide back online and hopefully the colours will work. I don't usually like to use white for background as threads show but my friend loves white background fabric in quilts. I have started trimming threads so will be ready to go as soon as the fabric arrives.

20 April 2017

Purple Pineapple

Finally sewing. I spent last week in Perth and now I am home and doing some sewing! Even though Psych has finished for ever, I still have a thing for pineapples. I have loved this mini for a while but not a big yellow fan so decided on a purple pineapple. Mix that with Kate Spain and you have a winner