30 October 2009

October Schnibbles again

I hope these photos are a little better but I think it is wishful thinking. I decided not to add the two borders and I will bind it in navy. The fabric is really nice and looks good but doesn't show up in the photos.
Here is a close up but for some reason blogger turned it around and I have no idea how to change it. Sorry
I am looking forward to the next parade of schnibbles!

October Scnibbles

After the last Schnibbles parade I won the October Schnibbles pattern and 3 charm packs from Havasu Quilts.

But I decided to save these charm packs for another schnibbles. One of the reasons I joined a year of schnibbles is that I love charm packs and patterns using them.

But I decided to use fat quarters for this one. Go figure!
Sorry it does not photograph well inside and it is still raining!!! Here is a close up. I will try to take another photo in a different room and see if it is better.

29 October 2009

A Day with the Nancys

Miss Nancy, Nancy and I try to meet on the second Tuesday of each month for a sewing day. We usually meet on a different day and do more talking than sewing. We met last Tuesday (it wasn't the second Tuesday but it was actually a Tuesday) and decided to do this tutorial by Oh, Fransson for scraps at Sew, Mama, Sew!.

We actually managed to get a small quilt top done.

As you can see we have very different tastes in fabrics.
This is Nancys'. This will actually be made into something for her grand kids. She will reveal it on her blog when finished

Miss Nancy used some gorgeous Japanese fabric for hers

And I of course used batiks. Most of these were scraps from this quilt. We have made the same pattern several times and it always looks very different. That is one of the things I like about the Year of Schnibbles- seeing the same quilt look totally different.

28 October 2009


Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I had a very nice 2 days! Yes we started last night as it was my birthday in Australia and continued all day today. And yes I got my camera!! It is perfect for me. Nice and small so I can carry it easily in my bag.

27 October 2009

Disappearing 9 Patch????

Just over 2 years ago at a quilt class I was shown how to do a disappearing 9 patch. I did not have a lot of experience quilting so I wisely decided to buy some cheap Halloween Fabric from Walmart. I made a pile of blocks and then got sick of it and put them away. I found them when looking at all my fabric getting ready to move and decided to use them to practice free motion quilting. This is what I found.

I am sure they were meant to be disappearing 9 patch blocks. They all are like this. I don't know how I managed it but I completely messed up a very easy block.
This is my recent attempt at a disappearing 9 patch. My sewing skills have improved or is it my ability to follow instructions that has improved?

26 October 2009


Great giveaway at Geta's Quilt Studio. She is an amazing quilter and her work is incredibly beautiful.

22 October 2009

Testing Testing

I went to Paducah with Miss Nancy and we found the best booth. It was full of the most beautiful fabric. I could have bought every kit they had but unfortunately I couldn't really so we went back 4 times before we decided on what to buy. I ended up with 2 kits. This is the fabric from one.
Isn't it gorgeous. It is from Fern Hill Fabrics . Now I love pretty things that other people do but I don't usually do pretty. I couldn't resist this. I loved it and wanted it for me. But I was too scared to cut the fabric so I did the pattern in something else first. Of course my obvious choice was dogs.
Another cushion for Brittany. She loves it and I like the pattern. It will be a Table Topper with the gorgeous fabric.

20 October 2009


There is a great giveaway at Pumpkin Patch Primitives. Go and leave a comment. The more people who enter the more prizes up for grabs!!

16 October 2009

Oz Material Girls

There is a geat giveaway at Craft Blog .The giveaway is from Oz Material Girls, a great online shop which has an amazing range of fabrics!!!

15 October 2009

Some Figgy Fun

I love the figgy pudding fabrics so much that when I was cutting my charm squares for my schnibbles I kept all the scraps. I made this mini quilt with some of them. I got the idea from this quilt at Cluck Cluck Sew. Mine is a mini at about 17 by 18 inches. I used the strips cut from the charm squares and cut kona snow the same size. I don't love the wavy line quilting on this one but that's OK. The good thing about minis is that you can see what you like before you do a big (or at least bigger) one.
If you like figgy pudding then go to Piece N Quilt and check out this tutorial. This is one of my favourite blogs with lots of tutorials, patterns, kits, fabrics.

09 October 2009

Quilt Festival

Here is my quilt for the quilt festival. This is the second quilt I made and the first one to get professionally quilted. I made this for my sons 13th birthday, just over 1 year ago. The main fabric is a batik with lizards. My son loved dinosaurs from the age of 4 and wanted to be a paleontologist. As he got older his interests widened to reptiles. Last summer he did a 3 week college course on Reptiles and Amphibians of Missouri. This quilt is a Terry Atkinson design called Tic Tac MO. As we are Australians living in Missouri for 3 years it is the perfect quilt design.

I just realised this is the third quilt I made if I count my little Australian wall hanging. Oops

08 October 2009

Join in the fun at the quilt festival

Verandah Views

I have finished the stitchery part of my Verandah Views. This is a gorgeous free BOM offered at http://willowberrydesigns.typepad.com/willowberry_designs/.
The designer used backstitch for most of hers but I am slow at backstitch so I used 1 strand and stem stitch. I used backstitch for finer details. Now I have to actually finish and turn it into a wall hanging. I have a pile of completed stitcheries which need to be made into something!!!

05 October 2009

A Quilt for Brittany

At last a quilt for Brittany, now we all have one. Well I have 2 but who is counting! I picked up this quilt last Thursday from my quilter. I have made a lap quilt for everyone in my family. From now I will not make anything bigger than a schnibbles until we leave in December. I am also going to quilt them myself

Brittany loves dogs so this was perfect for her. It is a Me and My Sisters Designs "Nickel Dogs" using charm packs.

This is my schnibbles on our table. I like the way it looks. I have to use it now because it will be
packed up in December.

01 October 2009

Redwork Friends

I went to my Redwork Club today expecting the usual meeting but no - today was all about me. It doesn't get any better than that. lol. I joined this group not long after moving here so I have been going for nearly 3 years. I have learnt a lot from this talented group but it has been mostly about having FUN. I have tried to teach them too but they just will not eat Vegemite!

Today they surprised me with gifts. I am talking lots of gifts. I was overwhelmed at how much they got me. This picture shows everything but the bags are even filled with things.

Not just things but quilty /redwork things.

My favourite is the signature wall hanging. Everyone signed their names and embroidered them in purple (of course).Then it was made up into a beautiful batik quilt. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I feel very spoilt!!!!

I never win anything!

I never win anything. Well I cant say that anymore because I have won 2 prizes recently. Yesterday I received my prize from a giveaway at http://www.vanessachristenson.com/ with
http://www.thequiltshoppe.net/. It includes a kit for Star Power with Crazy Eight and a gift voucher which I spent this morning on a new schnibbles and charm squares.

Just before I started this blog I won a giveaway at http://minickandsimpson.blogspot.com/
It is a layer cake and some scraps. I don't know what I will do with the layer cake but I have an idea for the scraps!!!!